Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss You Mug

First things first: I found this idea on Pinterest. Also, the idea on pinterest was to have TWO mugs. One with your state (which you send to your friend) and one on your friend's state, which you keep. With dotted lines that look like they are connecting the cups/states. I liked that idea, but it doesn't really make sense unless you have them sitting next to each other. I loved the idea of having each mug have both states. However: the bloggers I found with this idea linked too all said to do it with Sharpie markers and bake at 350*. Also, almost all the comments below said that that does not actually work, yet the bloggers refused to change their blogs!I tried it, and sure enough...washed right off. Easily. Grrrr. Soooo... I found a way to make it work. So far, with hand washing, it seems to be holding up. I promise to update if this proves false. So here's what I did: First I printed out the states I wanted (I used Microsoft Word and added one of the photos of states they had in their program. It was much easier than trying to find one on internet that i could print..however, that's doable too.) A few of the blogs I read said to use eyeliner to draw the states on, then trace that with the sharpie, let dry, and wash the other off. I found that no matter what, that smeared the sharpie. So, instead i practiced with eyeliner... (only because i had bought it anyway) and washed it off then free handed with sharpie. I used OIL BASED SHARPIE PAINT MARKERS. like these:
You can buy them at most office stores (Staples, Office Depot) and Walmart online. I ordered from Amazon because I had the 2 day shipping and was in a hurry. After drawing on the mug (careful, you can't really re-do it...) I put them in a cold oven, just on the rack, turned the heat on to 350 and baked them for 30 minutes. Make sure you get mugs that can withstand being baked! After they had baked I turned the heat off and left them in the oven overnight to cool. Voila. Easy. Fast. Cute. Sentimental.

Marshmallow Fondant

I got this recipe off allrecipes.com (just search marshmallow fondant).. but I changed it a little. 1 bag mini marshmallows 1/4 c water 1 t vanilla 2lbs powdered sugar I also don't follow the directions they have very well..so here's what I do! Before mixing fondant prepare a rolling pin and pastry mat by smothering them in crisco (or butter if you want "healthier"..but at this point, i'm not sure "healthier matters!!!) Pour desired amount of marshmallows in big microwave safe bowl. (if you use 1/4 bag, then use 1/4 the recipe above, etc...) It is easiest to do smaller portions and color them as you melt the marshmallows. For a 9x13 cake you will need about half..maybe a little less. Ok, so microwave the marshmallows until fluffy and melty... about 20 seconds...maybe 30? Then add water (again, adjust recipe to how many marshmallows you chose to do) and vanilla and desired food coloring. Mix, and add some of the sugar. Add food coloring til desired color is reached (keeping in mind that it will fade some as you add more sugar.) Mix with hand mixer until it's too stiff, then dump onto a pastry mat and finish mixing by hand. I suggest smothering your hands in crisco as well. it just makes the fondant a little shinier, and keeps you from being a sticky mess. I just mix it til it is a fun play-doh consistancy... I never use an EXACT amount of sugar. And I always, always always buy extra sugar. Make sure to clean the pastry mat thoroughly between colors. Let the fondant set for at least 10 minutes before trying to roll out. The allrecipes one says overnight, in the fridge. I don't do that... but i'm not a professional, so i can do it the easy way! The easiest way i have found to transfer fondant rolled out large (like for a whole cake) is to use my pastry mat-which is silicone and very flexible) and get it on the cake before peeling my mat off. that's me tho..and like I said, I'm definitely not professional, and never plan to be.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just showing off the snowman I made for my grandma :) This isn't the true finished project since I crocheted a green scarf for it instead of the one pictured. I forgot to take a picture though!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mexican Tortilla Bake

My version of Taste of Home's Chili Tortilla Bake, which you can find here: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Chili-Tortilla-Bake Ingredients: 1lb lean ground beef 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped green chili pepper 2 cans (8oz each) tomato sauce 1 1/4 c corn 1 can black beans 2 T chili powder 1/2 t garlic powder 1 t ground cumin 1/2 t oregano 6 flour tortillas 1 1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese Crumble beef and brown it with the onion and green chili pepper. When browned add in the tomato sauce, beans, corn, and spices. Heat through. Spray two 9in cake pans. In the bottom place 1 tortilla. Spread 1/6 of the beef mixture over the top and sprinkle with cheese lightly. Layer 3 tortillas in each pan and top each with cheese. Bake for 30 minutes at 350*. Easy, huh? Serves 6. And it's 12 WW+ points for 1/8. (Which I think is a lot..it's 1/4 of one pan.) Not bad if you are good all day. Plus my kids like it... as compared to other "diet" food.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Amazingly easy and tasty Sandwhiches

Pepperoni & Cream Cheese openfaced sandwhiches.
I shouldn't need to say more. But I know I do. These are amazing. Simply toast a plain bagel, add cream cheese (I use the 1/3 fat stuff) and then on a separate plate heat about 14 pepperonies for 10-15 seconds (don't overheat!) and lay them over the cream cheese. Enjoy.

These are so amazing. My survival during my pregnancies DEPENDED on these. I think I had one at least once a week...often more! (And no, I didn't gain extra weight..lol) Now I try to avoid them because of the fat content...BUT...they make a mean comfort food. TRY IT. Even if it sounds weird. Or don't. You'll only be missing out on the greatest combination of food ever!

Friday, January 20, 2012

9 & 10 month bear pics

Kaden turned 9 months on Easter Sunday. Hence the dressed up picture with his bear. :) Also, hence the lack of Easter pictures. Hmm...should have thought it through better.

By 10 months it was getting increasingly difficult to get him sitting with his bear. This was the best I could do. It makes for some fun pictures though.


This next set of pages is my top favorite, I think. I LOVE the texture here, and the colors, and the patterns...just all of it. I might have something to do with the fact that it is also great memories!

These next ones are the first time (and only, I think!) camping with a kid. It was long nights, with a baby between us trying to keep warm AND asleep! We had fun, and Kaden had a blast. He was born to be outside.

Why, OH WHY, did I not texture the orange part of the second page? I will never know.